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Martha Stein

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I started taking cello lesson in public school in 4th grade, and have been playing ever since! Some of the best summers of my life were spent at New England Music Camp in Sydney, Maine. It was at NEMC where I fell in love with playing classical music, and with the idea of living in the state of Maine someday. I was thrilled when my husband and I were able to relocate here in 2007. A few years later, I was lucky enough to join the Midcoast Symphony Orchestra. Although I have played in many community orchestras, MSO is by far the best (please don't tell the others!!). The caliber of MSO musicians and the camaraderie that has developed amongst the members is very special.
My day job is in non-profit management, primarily in fundraising. I'm also an avid gardener. Since becoming a Master Gardener in 2008 I have volunteered at community gardens that grow veggies for food pantries. I also enjoy spending time with my big mutt, Beau, who does not seem to mind when I practice my cello.