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More with Midcoast

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More with Midcoast is MSO's series of education and community engagement programs.

Featured are these free events for our concert patrons:

  • Intermission Interludes at Gendron Franco Center's Heritage Hall during the Saturday concert intermission
  • Pre-Concert Presentations: 30-minute programs to inform and inspire before the MSO concerts at Orion Performing Arts Center

The 2017-18 season also had special events for students:

  • After-School Music: MSO musicians visited after-school programs to demonstrate music being played "live"*
  • Guest Artist Master Class March, 2018: local music students had the opportunity to learn from MSO's guest pianist Charles Floyd
  • Judith Elser Concerto Competition for Maine college music students (see more.)  The winner performs as guest artist at MSO's October, 2018, concert series.


For more info see our Facebook page, call (207) 846-5378, or email


* photo taken at Auburn Y after-school program, May, 2018