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More with Midcoast

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More with Midcoast is MSO's series of education and community engagement programs.

Featured are these free events for our concert patrons:

  • Intermission Interludes at Gendron Franco Center's Heritage Hall during the Saturday concert intermission
  • Pre-Concert Presentations: 30-minute programs to inform and inspire before the MSO concerts at Orion Performing Arts Center

The 2017-18 season also had special events for students:

  • After-School Music: MSO musicians visited after-school programs to demonstrate music being played "live"*
  • Guest Artist Master Class March, 2018: local music students had the opportunity to learn from MSO's guest pianist Charles Floyd
  • Judith Elser Concerto Competition for Maine college music students: the winner will perform with the MSO in October, 2018 (see more)


For more info see our Facebook page, call (207) 846-5378, or email


* photo taken at Auburn Y after-school program, May, 2018